Mindful Dispensary

    1433 W Fullerton Ave #C
    Addison IL 60101
    United States
(630) 519-1300

mindful - addison, il


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 Throughout the course of history and throughout most of the world, people have long explored the plant kingdom in search of botanicals offering therapeutic and medicinal relief. Historically, the most likely place where patients could find and access these remedies was an apothecary: a shop which sold medicinal herbs and plants. As is often the case, we look back in history to help chart a course for the future.

Welcome to Mindful’s™ medical marijuana dispensary in Addison, IL, where past and future meet. Our unique interior is an inviting fusion of future and retro to reflect the fact that while our retail operations may be new, the remedies we are offering are time tested. We invested a lot of thought and care to create a special atmosphere that we think feels right. We hope you will agree.

We look forward to serving you.

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